BDC Has Recently Partnered with MedXview

MedXview is a leading regulatory and e-publishing service provider with headquarters in Cambridge, MA. They have developed cutting-edge technologies in the area of electronic submissions and have expertise in a number of regulatory applications, including eCTD, SPL, CDISC and electronic data capture. Contact us today to learn more about MedXview.

BDC and MarCom Group International Looking to Collaborate

The MarCom Group is a health economics firm based in Bethel, CT. In 2010, BDC worked with MarCom and a number of leading pharmaceutical firms to take early steps within the discipline of comparative effectiveness (CE). As CE research grows and evolves, BDC and MarCom are looking to collaborate in 2011 to share additional information, such as value analytics and other CER metrics, with the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device realms.